20 July

Excursion – Boating Delfland

Join us on the excursion where we will go sailing at the Kagerplassen. We will have a day of sailing at the Kagerplassen. Experienced sailers will sail with us acros the lake.

Welcome International Students!

Whether you are studying in Delft, working in Delft or are visiting for a while,
it is our mission to make you feel at home in this beautiful city.

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What are stroopwafels (syrup waffles) and why do the Dutch like them so badly? Now you have arrived as an international student in Delft, DelftProject offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with Dutch families. You can learn things besides the knowledge the University provides you. DelftProject introduces you to the wonderful world of Dutch culture. If you have questions about Christian faith, they can be your guide: how should a Christian deal with family matters or colleagues at work, how does a Christian CEO lead a company, how does Christian faith helps you to process disappointments or if you are fired or become ill? DelftProject connects you to other students and the Dutch community.

Pastor Simon van der Lugt