About DelftProject

Welcome International Students!

We want to welcome you to Delft. Whether you are studying in Delft, working in Delft or are visiting for a while, it is our mission to make you feel at home in this beautiful city.

Activities and programs

Throughout the year, we organize all kinds of events. Join our intercultural evenings where you can meet the Dutch and other international students, while enjoying a free meal on Saturday evening. Do you want to see more of The Netherlands and travel around? Join our excursions. If you want to meet the Dutch and join them for dinner you are welcome at an eat & meet appointment. Also the dine & discuss program, for a discussion evening about various topics of life is an interesting option for making contact.

Besides events, you can also join one of our community building programs. With Feel @ Home you get connected to a Dutch host family and learn about the Dutch culture by experiencing it yourself. Are you searching for more than just culture and do you want to talk about questions of life? Talk with one of our pastors and receive counseling. Do you want to learn more about Christian Faith? Every year we organize a Christianity Course in which you learn all about the basis of Christianity. You can also visit the English Church Services or join a small group and join a community of hundreds of Dutch and international Christians in Delft.

About DelftProject

DelftProject is a project of the Reformed Church (GKv) in Delft. Its building, the Immanuel Church, is very close to the TU Delft campus. In August 2012, DelftProject was founded out of a desire to welcome international students in our Dutch community and share our time, culture and hospitality. Since then, we have organized over 100 events and welcomed thousands of students to Delft.

All of this is made possible by dozens of volunteers from the church community, actively organizing activities, managing daily affairs and opening their homes for international students. The DelftProject board consists out of two pastors of the Immanuel Church, students of two Dutch Christian student-associations and several members of the church community. Next to that there is a close cooperation between Immanuel Church and IREF (International Reformed Evangelical Fellowship), with a long tradition in conducting international church services.

Join DelftProject!

In general, all the events of DelftProject are free of charge and there is no official membership needed in order to join events and programs. However, for some events registration is required on the website, allowing us to professionally organize the events.


Currently we are looking for new volunteers for the Marketing Team. Would you like to help us tell the DelftProject-story? Let us know via welcome@delftproject.nl.

Will you be our new DelftProject ambassador? Contact us for more information via welcome@delftproject.nl.

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For general questions or comments, please contact info@delftproject.nl.

Do you want to talk to one of our pastors? Please connect to Simon van der Lugt via simon.vanderlugt@delftproject.nl and Hans-Jan Roosenbrand via hansjan.roosenbrand@delftproject.nl.

Do you want to join the team and help in the organization? Let us know via welcome@delftproject.nl.

See you around!