[IP] Intercultural Evening – Welcome!

Saturday, August 27

20:00h - 22:00h

Immanuel Church

Welcome to Delft!

You are invited to an amazing Intercultural Evening at DelftProject. It’s going to be the first Intercultural Evening of the new season, with a special focus on welcoming you to Delft! Come and join this evening, full with Dutch food, snacks, games and much more.

No registration is required for this event.

Tip: You can also join the Dutch Dinner, just before this Intercultural Evening.

We organize Intercultural Evenings throughout the year, once every 2,5 months. Register for DelftProject or the newsletters to keep updated about new events. You can also follow us on Social Media on Facebook and Instagram.

This event is part of the Introduction Programme & Welcome International Students Campaign 2016. Check delftproject.nl/welcome for more information.