[IP] Welcome Service international students

Sunday, August 28

19:00h - 21:00h

Immanuel Church

Welcome to Delft!

We welcome you to an English church service in the Immanuel Church on Sunday August 28. It will be the start of a series of English services, held every Sunday in Delft. In this first service, we wish to get to know each other and build a community.

These services are an initiative of the International Christian Fellowship Delft, a collaboration of GKv Delft and IREF. These two churches organize these services together and wish to build a new community together. Will you join us?

You have to register for the free dinner via the official ways of the TU Delft Introduction Program. Check the IP-App or Delftulip for more information.

We organize these services throughout the year, every Sunday. Register for DelftProject or the newsletters to keep updated about new events. You can also follow us on Social Media on Facebook and Instagram.

This event is part of the Introduction Programme & Welcome International Students Campaign 2016. Check delftproject.nl/welcome for more information.